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Carnival Procession of Minerva Primary School
Disguised as colourful parrots and bright birds of Paradise, as owls with brown, black and white speckles and penguins with long orange beaks - that's how Minerva's Kindergarten and Primary kids and many other pupils from nearby schools and Kindergartens gathered on the square in front of St. Theodore's church. Here they formed a long procession which took them on an extended tour through Kleinbasel. They were accompanied by a band of pipers and drummers. Along their route, the kids scattered lots of confetti or shoved it down each other's collars by the handful. At their first stop along the way, everyone was offered "Fastenwähe" (traditional carnival pastry), and of course the sweets were a big hit. Upon their return to the Minerva school yard, everyone sang the well-known Basel carnival song "Hängget d Drummle-n-a" ("strap on your drums")! The procession was great fun for the kids, their teachers and parents alike and, no doubt, the odd piece of confetti will have been found at home in the evening.

Drama Club @ Minerva
Over the course of our drama club, we worked with a range of playful techniques and exercises in order to boost our group dynamics, concentration and imagination. In the final weeks, we began to work on the play which is a take on the film "Keine Halben Sachen" ("Not done by halves"). The parts were tailor-made for our students. The play was a gangster comedy. Some students had to stand in at the last minute to support the troupe. Many parents and family members of the kids as well as a number of students from our school showed up to celebrate the evening along with the Drama Club and to support its members.

Christmas Magic @ Minerva

Steeped in glitter and sparkle , the courtyard of Basel’s Minerva School had Christmas magic in the air. Guests in high spirits, cheerful kids and adolescents, great gifts and tasty food - these were the ingredients of Minerva’s 2017 Christmas Magic.

The second-rate weather was counterbalanced by the first-rate music performances by the Minerva Kindergarten and Primary School choir as well as selected Minerva Secondary soloists. The spontaneous karaoke concert in the courtyard was widely acclaimed, with many guests joining in whole-heartedly, adding an extra-special note to the overall Christmas spirit.

We are looking forward to hosting you once more in two years‘ time, under the trusted motto „Christmas Magic @ Minerva“.

In the meantime, we wish you and your near and dear ones a Happy Festive Season and all the best in the New Year.

Minerva @ Basel City Run
This year, our Minerva primary school kids participated in the city run for the first time, along with our older kids. First, each child was kitted out with a starting number and a twinkling heart. Highly motivated and full of apprehension, everyone made their way to the starting line on Münsterplatz together. The little drizzle did not dent the enthusiasm of our youngsters who, following the starting signal, gave their all running down to market square, where they proudly received their medals and full drinking bottles. It had been strenuous, it had been cold, but despite it all, what stood out was the sense of achievement and the determination to  do it all over again the following year.


The Story of the Makaroni Circus
In September, the year 1/2 classes of Minerva School received a visit from the police prevention department. The topic of the event was "I stryt fair…" (fair fighting).
At the focus was a thrilling story about zoo animals who got together to put on a fabulous circus performance and, in doing so, were able to save the zoo from bankruptcy. This undertaking was only successful, because (almost) all the animals joined forces. However, this did not happen without a couple of minor and major quarrels. The kids showed great enthusiasm and experienced how important it is to lend one’s support to others and that, in order to become a success, a lot of things in life require everyone to chip in and respect one another.


Minerva @ Clean Up Day 2017
On the occasion of the nationwide Clean Up Days to combat littering, eight classes of Minerva School Basel gave their all in a large-scale clearance campaign. Following the motto „clean ways to school“, our students and their teachers set out to collect rubbish around our school building and all the way down to the Rhine. Beside masses of cigarette butts, cans and bottles, some unexpected objects were found, for example a chair! Everything was given an environmentally sound disposal.
Great to see so many helping hands get stuck in!


Minerva Students Visit the Unspunnenfest
During their week away on camp, Basel’s Minerva School students had an opportunity not only to witness Swiss Folklore at the traditional Unspunnenfest in Interlaken, but also to try their hand at it themselves. Thus they yodelled and blew the alphorn, wrestled in sawdust and gave “Hornussen” their best shot...
On their last night, the youngsters even attended a performance of the „Tellspiele”.
You cannot experience more “Swissness” than that!


Kick-off to the 2017/2018 School Year

On Monday 14 August, it was “back to school” at Minerva School Basel. In line with the annual motto „Tolerance – we’re all different – and yet the same“ the Principal read a short story, before everyone - pupils, parents and teachers alike – blew bubbles in the air. For the bubbles, too, are all alike and yet different.
We wish everyone a great new school year!


Summer School at Minerva Basel
In the first week of the holidays, 12 kids joined forces on a mission to explore various playgrounds. Among the playgrounds they visited was the new one in Riehen village centre, the octopus-themed playground as well as the one in Margrethenpark. Great fun was had splashing around in the water on those glorious summer days.
The following „Craft Week“ was attended by 10 kids. They wove balls, built weaving looms from paper plates and crocheted little pouches with the help of braiding tools. Also, they braided bracelets and embroidered „Mompitz“ images (friendly monsters). The kids put their souls into their projects and presented their handiwork with great pride upon completion, before being able to take it home.

Potato Harvest for Minerva Primary School Kids
High time for the third visit to TRUZ  - having planted potatoes and tended the potato patch, the kids were now encouraged to dig up their potatoes. Students as well as their parents were keen to see the crop and they worked alongside with great enthusiasm. The potatoes were rinsed, boiled and - it goes without saying - devoured! The kids feasted on their potatoes which they'd seasoned with home-made butter and herb salt. Tasting something they'd planted and tended themselves was indeed a very special experience for our students!



Primary School's Basic Level at "Platzhof"
In May, the 2nd Kindergarten group and the 1st and 2nd grades spent their three-day class trip at "Platzhof" in Kandern (Germany). The kids were able to go horse-riding and take goats for a walk; they played games with a woodland theme and were able to romp around to their hearts' content. Everyone had a marvellous time! On the journey home, rain was their steady companion. However, the kids didn't let that spoil their mood.


Gardening Chores at TRUZ (Trinational Centre for the Environment)
Back in March, Minerva School's Basic Level kids planted potatoes and two months on, they were able to take a close look at what had been growing and thriving in the meantime. A few potatoes were dug up so the kids could investigate the roots, their shape and texture. In most of the "Minerva potato patch", however, the main chore was to remove stones and weeds to allow the potatoes to mature so that, hopefully, they can be harvested and eaten towards the end of the school year.



Minerva Primary School at TRUZ
planting a potato patch
At the end of March, accompanied by some parents, Minerva School's Basic Level kids went on a potato planting mission to TRUZ in Weil (TRUZ, Trinationales Umweltzentrum = Trinational Centre for the Environment).  Following detailed instructions by a TRUZ employee, they first prepared the field, i.e. removed any big stones and weeds. Then the kids dug a small furrow in the middle of the field. Now they could place the germinating potatoes into this furrow. To protect the potatoes, they covered them with loose soil. To finish it off, a plastic sheeting was placed over them to keep the potatoes warm and help them grow.
This excursion was enjoyed immensely by the kids. They are already looking forward to their next trips to TRUZ under the mottoes "weeding the patch" and, in the summer, "harvesting potatoes".



Carnival Parade at Minerva
Minerva school’s Kindergarten and primary kids happened to have a dry, bright morning for their carnival parade leading from one bridge (“Wettsteinbrücke”) to another (“Mittlere Brücke”) and back via the “Untere Rheingasse” lane.
They were accompanied by a number of other groups from the area and by a band of pipers leading the way. The bigger primary school kids seized the opportunity to “stuff” the school principal with confetti – despite her having a carnival badge!
Only a year’s wait for the next carnival!


Minerva Holiday Care: Musical Week
Another year had gone by and it was time for the next musical. This time, the story was called “Rusty Knight Goes to School” (Ritter Rost geht in die Schule). All told, it was performed by twelve kids aged four to thirteen, three of which belonged to a different school. There were many lovely Rusty Knight songs to sing, costumes to be made up, e.g. knights’ helmets and steeple-crowned hats. Everybody chipped in to create the stage set. In the final rehearsal days, the play was put together, combining songs, costumes and acting, turning it into a polished piece.
The rehearsed play was performed at Minerva school one week after school resumed.


Gold Medal for Kimmy Repond at the Swiss Ice Skating Championships
Following a sensational performance, our pupil Kimmy Repond won a gold medal in the U12 category. Kimmy, who attends Minerva school's 5th grade and is a member of "Eislaufklub St. Jakob" (skating club) scored 99.58 points, becoming the Mini Swiss Champion. Her score put her an impressive 14 points ahead of the runner-up. At ten years old, she was the second youngest contestant at the Swiss championships and performed flawlessly in both the short and the free programmes. Challenging double jumps and a total of three double axels were awarded extra points. Congratulations, Kimmy!


Noah Dettwiler - Champion's Portrait
11-year-old Noah is a sixth-form student in our E-Level and the current Swiss Supermoto champion! Click the bottom of  the cover page and access the champion's portrait from issue no. 3, dated January 26, 2017! Congratulations, Noah!


Visit to the Cinema
"Nicht ohne uns" (Not Without Us) was the title of the film that all the 5th through 9th form students and all the teaching staff of Minerva School were able to enjoy during a private screening. Viewers were able to accompany 16 kids from 15 countries on their way to school while the kids shared their thoughts and future expectations with their audience. Following the film, its director, Mrs Sigrid Klausman, afforded Minerva students an exclusive question-time. This event was a great success, leading to interesting discussions and providing food for thought. A heartfelt "thank-you" to everyone who contributed to the smooth running of this event.


Minerva School Attends a Concert by the Basel Symphonic Orchestra
Minerva's Basis Level (pre-school and primary school) attended a children's concert by the Basel Symphonic Orchestra. In an entertaining programme, the kids were introduced to a range of classical works by various composers, among them Mozart and Johann Strauss. The tunes of Mozart's "Rondo allo Turco" were suddenly interspersed by the James Bond theme. The masterful pianist challenged the no less impressive violinist to acoustically powerful and eloquent duels. The double-bass player turned his instrument into a horse galloping along the prairie. The kids loved the morning's entertainment and a number of them were inspired to take up an instrument themselves.

Solar Energy Project
On Thursday 26 January, the LS1/2 had a visit from Frau Breu of Energie Zukunft Schweiz. She led them through a module about Solar Energy. The students thought about what types of energy there are in the world and which are linked to the sun. Then they were able to look at objects that can use solar energy (for example, metal which reflects sunlight onto a container with water in it). The highlight for most students was probably when they built their own little ‘solar-powered car‘, which used a solar cell to provide electricity to a fan/propellor, which turned and provided force to move the car (see photograph).

All Aboard the Book Boat
The book boat has dropped anchor, ready to receive its guests. Among them were Minerva's Kindergarten, primary and lower secondary kids. Whether it was browsing, marvelling, reading or leafing through... there was something interesting to do for everyone!


Reading Night at Minerva
In January every year, the kids in second-year Kindergarten together with the primary 1 and 2 pupils have an overnight at school. What were the highlights, what were their experiences, what do they recall...? Here are a few of the children's impressions:
- We were all outside with our flashlihghts (Dorian)
- I loved not having to do any homework. I spent hours playing. (Nico)
- I liked being able to go out with our flashlights. (Alexander)
- It was great being able to spend a night at school. The night hike was cool. (Nela)
- I enjoyed chatting to Fresia. (Zoé)
- It was really special to go outside with my class, bringing our flashlights. (Xénia)
- The best thing was how me and Zoé listenend carefully. (Fresia)

reading_night_1 reading_night_2

Talent Show
Our talent show on December 22nd was a resounding success. The large audience was royally entertained with a play as well as musical, sporting and crafting activities. The stalls with home-baked goodies, creative non-alcoholic cocktails and the outdoor BBQ area were popular with young and old.
A big "thank-you" to all the organisers, the performers, the supporters and helpers!

Elephants in the Garden
Reading by the author Meral Kureyshi
On Nov. 9th 2016, our 13 to 16-year-old students were treated to a reading by the author in Minerva school's assembly hall. Meral Kureyshi read excerpts from her award-winning book "Elefanten im Garten" (Elephants in the Garden), introducing our adolescents to the world of a young migrant girl. After the reading, our students were able to ask questions and talk about the life of a writer with Ms Kureyshi.

Basel Symphony Orchestra
During a Basel Theatre event specially addressing students, our  PG1 class was able to familiarise itself with the world of classical music. The Basel symphony orchestra played pieces inspired by the themes of pirates as well as Romeo and Juliet. A heart-felt "thank-you" to the organisers for this fabulous music lesson!  

Helper Day
November 1st was the day of Minerva School's yearly helper event. On this day, all the pupils from Kindergarten through Primary to Lower Secondary School got involved in a variety of projects, doing a wide range of things. Kindergarten kids tidied up in the woods which they visit regularly on their outings; others sold cake or chocolate hearts in support of charitable organisations or worked hands-on, be this sorting clothes for refugee camps, helping the local parks and open spaces department, or spending the day with senior citizens in a retirement home.


Autumn Holiday Care at Minerva School
This year's autumn holiday care at Minerva kicked off with an excursion to Basel's Lange Erlen park in glorious sunshine. The kids just loved the playgrounds, the animals and the outdoors. Tuesday was baking and cooking day: we made apple sauce and pancakes for lunch. On Wednesday, we gave the maize labyrinth a go. Here, too, there were lots of opportunities for play. After these exciting outings followed a day filled with handicrafts. Using a variety of autumnal materials, we created hedgehogs from cardboard, autumn leaf cards and lots more. The last day took us out into nature once again, to the sculpture trail, complete with camp fire and sausages grilled on sticks.



Vocational Guidance at  Minerva
As part of the pre-vocational career guidance of our students in their final year, interested parents were able to find out more about the various options in vocational training and the corresponding opportunities and drawbacks of the available courses of education. The Principal of Minerva Vocational Training outlined the Swiss education System and answered questions concerning the further education options available to our students.

Police call at Minerva Kindergarten
At Minerva school’s Kindergarten  and Primary levels, the prevention campaign "Ych stryt fair - das isch nit schwer” (I fight fair – not hard to do) has got under way. Eyes wide open, the kids paid attention to their three visitors, one of them a policeman in full kit, which made a deep impression.
The story is about Koboldine (a pixie) who lives in the woods. But what does she do there and is she happy or sad, cross or kind? The kids listened to the story with great interest. Next time, they will find out how the story continues. 


School Camp and Project Week 2016

Minerva School's 5th to 9th form students enjoyed fabulous weather, super projects and loads of time to get to know their new classmates during this year's school camp and project week. For the most part, our classes were in touch with nature, either in the form of projects in and around school, or the simple life on an alp or even a 100-kilometre hike along the Rhine. The students experienced a great variety of activities and, on Monday, they recalled this awesome week with great enthusiasm.



"Fest der Moleküle" (Molecules Festival)

Minerva's 5th through 9th form students took part in the "Fest der Moleküle" (Molecules Festival) at Basel University. They were able to discover the function and importance of molecules in day-to-day life through lectures, experiments, discussions and exhibitions, thus immersing themselves in the world of natural sciences. The event was a resounding success. A big "thank you" to the organisers!


Successful Kick-off to School Year

We met our students in glorious sunshine in the courtyard of „Wildensteinerhof“ at the start of the new school year, welcoming new faces to our school.
We wish all our students and the entire staff a fabulous 2016/17 school year!


Holiday Care Summer 2016

In the third week of the holiday care programme, numerous kids got together to knit, embroider, do macramé and the like. Everyone worked with a passion and applied themselves to their favourite projects. Many of the kids spent long hours on their weaving frames, others chose to make a whole selection of bracelets or knitted at length… There was something on offer for everyone and no one ever got bored.
In the summer of 2017, the next course will kick off in the second week of the holidays, built around the theme of “handicrafts”. This week will be open to anyone who is interested.



Congratulations to S3 and S2 on their excellent test results at the Cambridge English A1 – B1 exams. Well done! 



We congratulate S2 and PG2 as well as their French teachers on the excellent test results and a success rate of 95% at this year’s level A1, A2 and B2 DELF exams. Super!

Announcement: Sports day

As part of our sports and culture week, there will be a joint sports day for all classes on Thursday, 30th June. Our students will spend the day at the sports complex in Muttenz, where they will compete in athletics and fun events. We wish all participants a day filled with fairness and no accidents.

Cooperating partner and sponsor of our sports events:

Level harvests wheat and bakes its own bread

At the end of June, our Basic Level went on the third excursion to its “own” field at TRUZ in Weil, Germany. Last autumn, the kids sowed the wheat, in the springtime they cultivated  the field and now it was time for harvesting. The wheat had grown so tall in the meantime that, more often than not, it stood taller than the students. The kids were able to grind the wheat in a mill, then make a yeast dough, shape it according to their ideas and finally bake the bread in an oven. Great fun was had by all when they tried using a thrashing flail. To round off their day, each student took home a bunch of wheat as a memento. It was a wonderful experience for both young and old!





Announcement: Theatre performance of our Kindergarten and Primary School

“We’re building a city” – this is the motto of this year’s play put on by Minerva’s Kindergarten and Primary School kids. Yet again, you can expect a show combining a wealth of entertaining dialogues and amusing songs. Houses and railway stations are being built, and a children’s playground to boot… but in the kids’ world, there is no place for grown-ups…

This event takes place on Saturday, 18th June, 2-5 pm at Minerva’s “Waisenhaus” location.

We congratulate our S3 and PG3 classes and their French teacher for achieving a success rate of 93% in this year's  DELF A2 and B1 (B2) exams. Well done to all!

Class camp of Primary Basis Level
Once a year, our Basis Level goes on a three-day class excursion. This year, the class headed to the “Platzhof” youth hostel in Kandern, Germany. Everyone was really excited and a number of kids had trouble sleeping the night before. For some children, this was their first camp ever.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed feeding and taking care of the animals on the farm. Before riding the ponies, the kids were allowed to paint them.


Primary School's Camp Excursion
Our Primary B kids spent a whole week at an abandoned railway station in Hasel. Crossing a stream by zipline (aerial ropeslide) was both daring and exciting. First of all, the kids had to work out how to get the rope to the opposite side and how to tie it properly and securely over there. Needless to say, they did this under the supervision of an expert!



Cats Musical
Several times a year, our students at Minerva School Basel have the opportunity to visit a musical. On May 11, the kids and youths of grades 5 to 9 did just that, visiting the Cats Musical.



Urban Gardening – Where our Students Rule the Roost
Since this school year, students of the Basic Level and the Small Group have tended their own little garden patch. „Some students display remarkable workmanship“, one of the supervising teachers enthusiastically reports. We love the magnificent bloom in our very own school patch and wish our classes plenty more pleasure with their gardening.

Project Day „Concrete Art“ – PG3 plus

Class PG3 plus had the opportunity to spend a day at the Stowasser  concrete manufacturing plant in Schliengen  (Germany), as part of their art project. Students gained insight into various professions in the concrete trade and were allowed to try their hands at producing their own concrete sphere.  A heartfelt thankyou to Mr Stowasser for making this memorable day possible.



Ski camp 

Between early January and the Easter break, several Minerva classes went on ski camp and spent fun time in the snow in mostly glorious conditions.


Day in the Woods with Kindergarten and Primary School

Time and again, Minerva School’s Day in the Woods, which focuses on nature education, is quite an experience for our kids at Kindergarten and primary levels. Every week, the kids head off to the woods, first by bus, followed by a  short stretch on foot.
Our kids are aware, for example, that many bird species cannot find food in wintertime, so they help by hanging a few food balls on trees. And when flowers start to pop up in the spring and summertime, the kids make imaginative arrangements with branches and leaves.




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