Primary Standard and Talent Tracks, Grade 5 and 6

In the Minerva Standard Track (Grade 5 and 6) pupils should get the chance to prepare themselves for lower secondary school in an individualised and targeted manner.

Cornerstones of our concept are:

  • classroom instruction in small classes
  • close support and supervision by teachers
  • individual and cooperative learning in the Minerva Lernwelt

Over the course of Year 6, and based on their academic strengths and judgment of their teachers, students will be allocated to one of the three lower secondary school programmes offered by the Minerva School. This process is supported by standardized testing.

We have created the Mineva Talent Track so that talented and motivated pupils can be challenged, and, therefore, be well-supported in their development.

In this programme students will be provided with academic offerings and challenges that far exceed the normal content of a primary school. This reduces the risk of classroom boredom in pupils of good to exceptional talent.

    The academic concept of the Talent Track includes:

  • intensive English language teaching
  • immersion in English in three school subjects.
  • application of ICT technology with personal notebook computers

Daily individual and cooperative learning in the Minerva Lernwelt during three lessons per day.

All of these elements nurture pupils’ cognitive and social skills. Pupils retain the lust for learning and their interest in the wide range of themes addressed during day-to-day life at our school. The Minerva Talent Track is the optimal preparation for the University Track programme of Minerva School Grade 7 to 9



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