Minerva Schools Basel – Bilingual Kindergarten – from 3 years

Within the idyllic school premises of the Bürgerliches Waisenhaus (former civil orphanage), our youngest pupils experience a nurturing and caring setting. Even vulnerable children feel a sense of security in this environment.

Right from the start, the three to six-year-olds are immersed in the English language. During one-and-a-half days per week, Kindergarten is an all- English environment. The little ones are in the care of an English-speaking Kindergarten teacher. As with the acquisition of a mother tongue, the kids listen, copy and repeat.

Rhyming, singing and playing, the kids are exposed to life with two languages in a natural manner every day. This lays the groundwork for learning a foreign language which is later expanded in Minerva’s Primary and Secondary Schools.


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A film about the Minerva School Basel


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