Primary Talent Track

In contrast to the state school system, which includes only a single track without ability grouping for the six critical years of primary school, pupils at the two-track Minerva School can better prepare for the three track lower secondary school.

The Minerva Primary Talent Track provides extended challenge to pupils with a good to excellent potential. Over these two years pupils get to know their strengths and be nurtured accordingly.

The Minerva Primary Talent Track is for pupils who have a zest for learning, and therefore seek academic challenges exceeding a normal Grade 5 and 6

The Minerva Lernwelt forms a central part of the Minerva Talent Track, and nurtures student’s responsibility and emotional intelligence.

The strong academic programme of the Minerva Primary Talent Track is an optimal preparation for the University Track (Progymnasium Plus) programme of Minerva School, (Grade 7 to 9)

Students with exceptional ability can also take part in the Workshop for Gifted Students. 





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