Secondary School Level A

The year group terms refer to the new Swiss system comprising 11 years including 2 years of Kindergarten. Year 7 refers to UK year 5 and US Grade 5 approximately.

The Minerva Basel Basic Level School is a special needs-supported programme for students whose academic performance does not meet—or does not yet meet—the criteria for entrance into Secondary School Level E. Through an adapted curriculum and an individualised approach, students are given a chance to catch up and address areas for improvement.

The goal of the programme at the Minerva Basic Level School is to provide the necessary fundamentals in both theory and practice with which to gain an apprenticeship, or with which to attain sound footing for future studies. In addition, we make sure to recognize pupils’ particular skills and talents in order to support the choice of a career.

Students at the Minerva School Basel are accompanied through the process of becoming an adult and are supported as they deal with their day-to-day questions and problems.


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A film about the Minerva School Basel


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